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As one of the leading logistics company, we are always on the lookout for passionate individuals who are driven by a positive attitude. If you want an employment opportunity that will force you to challenge your boundaries, push them, and achieve success, then Gxpress is just the place for you.

Develop your Career and Discover Opportunities with Gxpress

Join us, today if you want to be part of a young family that works across different time zones, departments and teams, and is bound together by the dream to conquer the world. At Gxpress, all the right applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, caste, race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, or any other characteristic.

Our Employee Development Programs

As an ardent believer of the motto that “Family grows together”, we offer manifold development programs to improve, enhance and hone the existing skills of the employees as well as develop newer ones.

Our development programs include;
  • Improving the skills and performance of the employees
  • Updating their skills to support the organization during unexpected changes
  • Assisting the progression of the employees into great leaders
  • Increasing the productivity and maximizing the value of the team
  • Identifying Key Areas for Employee's Self-Development

    Our activities are diverse in nature, covering any kind of personal development. We offer a range of employees’ self-development activities that include:
  • Work-based learning: Taking on new tasks, undertaking special projects, job rotations, etc.
  • Formal learning: Attending special conferences and webinars, joining e-learning platforms, providing external training courses, etc.
  • Self-directed learning: Identifying learning needs, formulating developmental goals and providing industry and academic texts.
  • Professional activities: Guiding and training interns and other inexperienced professionals
  • Our Employee Motivation Program

    At Gxpress, we are focused on investing in the motivation and engagement level of our teams. To empower our employees, we have been fostering Gxpress Culture and values in the Company and in the employees since the day one.
  • Voice: We are proud to say that we have been able to develop a neutral and relaxed environment where every junior has the right to speak up on key issues of the business.
  • Appreciation: Thanking our employees for their hard work is a part and parcel of our everyday Gxpress life. Bringing everyone together to celebrate a success not only boosts the morale of our employees but also revitalizes them.
  • Staff Trips: A business is not just about coming to work and going back home. It is also about becoming a part of staff trips to build engagement and develop rapport with each another.
  • To become a part of Team Gxpress, please email us at .